Looking at where my family falls into this, I am asking myself can we do better? I will admit I am not one to plan my shopping based on a circular as we are consistent on what we do buy. My spouse is not one to use coupons or club cards either. We have to accept the new reality otherwise we can get stuck in the loop of what groceries used to cost. The same goes for life expenses. Hitting the guidelines without shopping sales, clipping coupons, etc. seems more manageable. Do you have any suggestions for better organizing shopping lists like how a store keeps inventory? I would like a more efficient way to maintain staples/lists by categories in order to streamline shopping. We used to shop online however with rising costs most of these services have increased fees and tips for shoppers (which can really add up if using multiple services) that it has become a question of financially weighing on which convenience service to choose because there is never a one size fits all solution. Ever since enrolling in your Budget Breakthrough course, I really had to examine online shopping habits as convenience makes it easier time wise as a busy mom. It also comes down to not only financial but what my time is worth. For example when we lived in the city and our apartment did not have laundry, it was either go spend time in the laundry mat or have them pick it up . It is also interesting to me after having conversations with friends who grew up in other countries how it was more acceptable to have outside help with household tasks from childcare to cleaning but here in the United States besides costs for these services we as mothers are wearing multiple hats. I can really appreciate an old movie where a governess is running a household.

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